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Cordless Hair Clippers

Cordless Hair Clipper

Convenience, versatility and portability are just some of the useful key features you can expect from cordless hair clippers. Aside from cutting ability and features, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a cordless clipper is the runtime.

How long the battery charge lasts usually depends on component efficiency and type of battery. The two most common battery types utilized in cordless clippers are Lithium-Ion and NiMH (nickel–metal hydride). Make sure the clipper has enough runtime to accommodate how you plan to use it. Some cordless clippers also include the added convenience of being able to run while charging.

WAHL Sterling 4 Cordless Hair ClipperWAHL WA-8481 Li-ion Sterling 4 Hair Clipper

Star Rating

The lightweight (10.2 OZ) lithium-ion Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 clipper features a powerfull rotary motor with 90+ minutes of run time. The clipper housing is designed for easy, comfortable handling and is equiped with a convenient taper level for fading and blending. Color inserts for personalization, attachment combs, recharge cord, oil, cleaning brush and instructions are included.

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Andis BGR+ Ceramic Cordless Professional Hair clipperAndis BGR+ Ceramic Cordless Professional Hair clipper

Star Rating

Designed for continuous heavy duty use, the Andis BGR+ Ceramic clipper provides powerful cordless convenience, versatility and maintenance free operation. It requires no oiling or greasing of internal parts. The BGR+ Ceramic is compatible with detachable Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades which are sold seperately. The clipper housing is break resistant and comfort-shaped for easy ergonomic handling. The battery fully charges within an hour and delivers an hour of continuous runtime. Charging station and seven attachment combs are included. An optional cord pack adapter allows for corded operation.

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Wahl Cordless DesignerWahl Cordless Designer

Star Rating

Weighing in at only 10.2 oz, the popular Wahl Designer sheds the power cord for greater ease of use and enahnced mobility. The lithium-ion battery delivers 75+ minutes of run time. The equipped standard 1005 blade is compatible with all Wahl gaurds. A taper lever provides easier blending and fading ability. Blade guard, cleaning brush, oil, instructions and 8 attachment combs are all included.

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Conair HC1100AM I-Pro Professional Super ClipperConair HC1100AM I-Pro Professional Super Clipper

Star Rating

The stainless steel super sharp blade of the Conair I-Pro cordless clipper easily provides clean and even trimming through all types of hair. The cutting action is driven by a powerful direct drive motor. The lithium ion rapid charge power pack delivers full power for up to 75 minutes. The I-Pro cordless clipper is fully charged after only 3 hours or if needed, a 15 minute quick charge yields 15 minutes of runtime. The clipper housing is contoured for comfortable handling and incorporates a convenient taper control lever for precision cutting and blending. In addition to the clipper, this kit also contains guide combs, oil, cleaning brush, barber cape, a deluxe storage case and more.

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Andis Pro Super Select CordlessAndi Pro Super Select Cordless

Star Rating

Offering a lightweight, sleek and ergonomic design, the Andis Pro Super Select Cordless is a nice convenient addition to any professional hair cutting toolkit. It features a robust rotary motor, adjustable blade, 8 attachment combs and a quick recharging NI-MH battery. It cuts smooth and doesn’t buckle when cutting through thick hair.

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Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Hair ClipperWahl Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clipper

Star Rating

With nearly double the runtime of Wahl's standard cordless clippers, the Lithium Ion rechargeable hair clipper delivers more than 90 minutes of use on a single charge. It features a powerful magnetic motor, an adjustable high-carbon steel blade that is self-sharpening and a companion detail trimmer which runs on a single AA battery. Numerous accessories including charger, brush, oil, guide combs, scissors and more come with the kit. Corded operation is also an option when using this clipper.

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Wahl Sterling Eclipse Premium Cordless ClipperWahl Sterling Eclipse Premium Cordless Clipper

Star Rating

With a Lithium Ion battery powered cordless runtime of nearly 90 minutes, the Wahl Sterling Eclipse premium hair clipper is lightweight, features comfortable ergonomics and cuts exceptionally well. It is 3/4 the size of most other comparable cordless clippers. Cutting blades are detachable and made of high carbon steel. Cutting guides and automatic recharging stand are included.

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Andis e.Logica Cordless ClipperAndis e.Logica Cordless Clipper

Star Rating

Whether corded or cordless the Andis e.logica hair clipper offers maximum cutting power for dry and wet hair. The cordless runtime is about an hour on a full charge. The stainless steel high-quality blade is adjustable with a convenient side lever. The dual voltage charger provides international versatility. Ergonomically it is lightweight and features a smooth, contoured housing for all around easy handling. Attachment combs and stand are included.

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