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Hair Clipper Types Overview

You can expect to enjoy long term cost savings and reliability with most professional grade hair clippers. If you are unfamiliar with what is available or what may be appropriate for your needs then consider the following tips and suggestions.

Photo of Hair Clipper Magnetic Motor

Hair Clipper Motors

Blades on hair clippers move in two directions driven by an electric motor. Magnetic, pivot and rotary motors are the three most common types of motors utilized by most hair clippers. A magnetic motor drives the clipper blade one direction while a compression spring powers the return stroke. Clippers with magnetic motors would be ideal for smooth, general purpose cutting. Pivot motors provide up to twice as much cutting power as magnetic motors with a power stroke in both directions. Pivot motor enabled clippers could be used for thick, course or event wet hair. Rotary motors offer good speed and usually the most power. Hair clippers with integrated rotary motors are a good choice for bulk hair removal. The cutting action is gear driven and in most cases can easily cut through any type of hair whether dry or wet.

Fixed Adjustable vs. Detachable Blades

Hair clippers with fixed adjustable blades offer good versatility by incorporating the ability to adjust the cutting length on the fly. Optional attachment combs provide even greater flexibility. These types of clippers tend to utilize magnetic and pivot style motors. Detachable blade systems are typically used on rotary motor driven hair clippers. A wide variety of blade and accessory options are made available by manufacturers for their respective rotary motor featured hair clipper models.

What to Buy

Most barbers and professional hair stylists tend to have an arsenal of hair clippers in order to cater to the wide variety of hair, styling preferences and special needs of their patrons. For the home barber who cuts hair maybe once or twice a month the choice will most likely depend on cost vs. features. Impressions and opinions from user reviews are a great resource when undecided about which clipper to choose. Featured in the following video review is a good example of an all-around professional grade general purpose hair clipper.

See below for more info and details regarding the Andis Experience MLX clipper.

Andis Experience MLX Professional Hair ClipperAndis Experience MLX Professional Hair Clipper

The powerful magnetic motor on the Andis Experience MLX clipper runs cool and quiet while delivering 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. The convenient adjustable blade coupled with the included set of attachment combs make it an ideal choice for all-around, light to heavy-duty hair cutting and tapering. The black chrome finished, contoured aluminum housing is lightweight, unbreakable and easy to handle. The placement of the adjustable lever and power switch allows for easy one handed on and off operation. For added safety the heavy duty cord features a three prong power plug. Update: Since Andis Experience MLX is no longer available, Hair Clippers Professional recommends the Andis Master as an alternative. Read Andis Master reviews and check pricing below.

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