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Oster Clipper Blades

Oster provides a wide variety of durable, precision manufactured clipper blades for their professional line of detachable blade hair clippers. There are several series of blades to choose from including the cool running Arctic series, the anti-microbial AgION collection and the metal hardened standard set. Click any blade image in the following table for more details.

Oster Blade Size 00000

Oster Blade Size 0000

Oster Blade Size 000

Oster Blade Size 0A

Oster Blade 1A

Oster Blade 1

Oster Blade Size 1.5

Oster Blade Size 2

Oster Blade Size 3.5

Oster Blade Skip Tooth

Oster Blade Size 3.75

Oster Blade Texturing

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